Customized - because it is you

If you are looking to have a specially crafted earring for you - we are here to help!  Here are some ideas of what we can customize:

  • Photo of kids
  • Loved ones signature
  • Pet photo
  • Senior or prom pictures
  • School mascot
  • Business logo
  • Sports team
  • Picture with Santa
  • Favorite Image
  • Allergy specific posts- nonmetal alternatives 

*Please note the size and shape of the image will be cut to a 12mm round shape and placed under glass. Some images may be too small to be seen or may not fit the globe properly. See the next page for examples of a good fit.

*You may add glitter to your globe for $1
You can select the metal color the earring is set in as well. Choices are GOLD, SILVER, BLACK, ROSE GOLD & GUNMETAL
Go to our Custom Design Center to order your one-of-a-kind piece today!